Best Heating Pads Reviews

Daneco King Size XpressHeat Heating Pad
Ease Sore Muscles: Measuring 12 x 24,” our heat patch offers full-body relief!
Safe and Comfortable
Great for Daily Use: Made with a super-soft microplush material
Pure Enrichment Pure Relief King Size Heating Pad
Full body relief
Super-soft microplush
Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy
Get rid of pain and muscle soreness
Soft microplush fibers
Heat options

Best heating pads

Whenever we suffer from pain, of any kind, the first thing that comes to mind is to take some sort of medication for it or use pain-relief creams and ointments. However, and you may agree with me on this, sometimes that does not work, which means that we need to find alternatives to medication. One of those alternatives is a heating pad. It has gained quite the popularity over the years, and it is pretty easy to see why. A heating pad can work wonders on your back and neck, and women often use it for their menstrual cramps.

What is a heating pad?

Just as the name suggests, a heating pad is a pad that produces heat. You apply it to the area that hurts, and the heat alleviates the pain in a timely manner. There is more than one way heating pads produce heat, but we will get to that later. Plenty of people use these devices whenever they suffer from pain, and it seems that they are more efficient than many pain solutions out there. For one, your body cannot develop a resistance to heat just like it can form a resistance to pain meds, which is why for some people, a heating pad is their only and best alternative.

Types of heating pads

As I mentioned earlier, there are more ways a heating pad can produce heat. As you can imagine, each of them comes with its own pros and cons, but let’s take a look at the options, shall we?

Electric heating pads

These are the most common type, and people seem to prefer them above all others. They consist of an electrical heating element that is inserted in a piece of fabric. It uses AC power to produce heat, so you need to plug it in. However, one significant disadvantage to this type of heating pads is that they produce dry heat and they suck the moisture out of your skin. People who have sensitive skin should not go for this option. Plus, there is a burn risk associated with electrical heating pads. Even so, burns are due to prolonged exposure. As long as you do not fall asleep while using the heating pad, you should be safe. That is why some models have an auto-shut off feature. The electrical heating pad is ideal if you suffer from pain from time to time. Plus, it is an inexpensive solution.

Moist heating pads

These are not as popular as the former kind, mostly because they lose heat. Most heating pads use hot water bottles, and some more expensive models use the moisture from the air. It is said that moist heating pads can penetrate the tissue deeper than electrical heating pads. However, since it uses hot water bottles within the fabric, they go cold pretty fast.

On the other hand, moist heating pads are ideal for people who have sensitive skin, and there is no danger of getting burned. However, if the bottle is not sealed properly, you can make quite a mess. Microwavable heating pads are also an option in this category.

Infrared heating pads

When you compare the three types of heating pads, the infrared pads are definitely better. The only downside to such a product is that it can be costly. How does infrared work? It is not visible to the naked eye, but it can be felt. The heat is quite similar to the one produced by the sun, and as a result, it can go deeper into the tissue. Plus, since the heat is not dry, there is no risk of dry skin, and the danger of burns is greatly reduced.

One of the best things about infrared heating pads is that they come with all kinds of helpful features such as temperature control, auto-shut off, and much more. But then again. So do electrical heating pads. But if you suffer from chronic pain, an infrared heating pad is the best way to go.

How does a heating pad work?

I am not going to be very technical or sciency because I do not want to confuse you, but there are three primary effects of a heat therapy that makes the pain go away.

  1. Heat dilates the blood vessels in the area that hurts. As a result, since the area is better irrigated with blood, it receives more oxygen and more nutrients that help the muscle heal and recover.
  2. Heat gives a nudge to the sensory receptors in the skin. The result is that the heat will eliminate the pain signals to the brain, thus relieving the discomfort. Basically, the heat breaks the transmission of the electrical signals from the area that hurts to the central nervous system.
  3. Heat reduces stiffness by stretching the soft tissue such as muscles, adhesions, and connective tissue. Since the stiffness goes down, there is more flexibility, and the result is a feeling of comfort. Flexibility is essential for all parts of the body, especially the back.

What to consider when looking for the best heating pad

If you are in the market for a heating pad, there are some things you need to take into consideration before you make a purchase. They are as follows:

  • Size – not all heating pads are made of the same size, and you need to choose one that best suits your needs. However, my advice is that the bigger, the better. That is because a large heating pad can cover multiple parts of your body that may hurt. Plus, if your pain is mostly located on your neck, you can buy a neck wrap heating pad that is designed to comfortably go around your neck.
  • Temperature control – there are plenty of heating pads out there that do not come with temperature control, but I do recommend this feature. Not all pains that you may be feeling have the same intensity, which is why you need a comfortable temperature for every case.
  • Doctor’s orders – do not go and buy a heating pad if your doctor does not recommend it. Maybe he has another healing plan depending on your particular case. It is important to always ask your primary care physician before you want to buy a device for medical purposes.
  • Auto-shut off feature – while some people regard this as optional, I think it is important that you choose a product that turns itself off. Since most people use a heating pad for their backs, and they usually put it on the bed, the danger is that you can fall asleep on it and suffer burns. That is why this function is essential. However, if you do not find a suitable product, which is highly unlikely, at least set the alarm before you lie down. That way you will at least wake up on time to turn off the heating pad yourself.

What are the best heating pads?

Since there are so many models out there, finding the best heating pad for you may seem a bit confusing. However, use the criteria above, and reading some heating pads reviews online cannot hurt. Nobody is as qualified to tell you whether a product is good enough or not as the people who have already bought it. In the meantime, take a look at the products I found to be more than satisfactory.

Daneco King Size XpressHeat Heating Pad

The first product I want to show you is the one manufactured by Daneco. It is an excellent heating pad that is almost certain to relieve your pain no matter in which area is located. It is a 120V heating pad that warms up pretty fast, but it is incredibly safe. Also, it is highly durable since it is made of a combination of micro mick and polyester. It is soft but durable.

This heating pad measures 12 by 24 inches, which is large enough for most cases. It will take the pain away in just a matter of seconds. You can use it for your back, neck, legs, shoulders, and wherever the pain may be located. Since it is soft, the pad allows you to target most areas of your body.

The Daneco heating pad comes with an LCD controller that allows you to choose between 6 different temperature settings. It also has the auto-shutoff feature I was telling you about earlier. The pad will go off after 2 hours of use so that you do not get burned. The micro plush material not only that is durable, but it is also machine washable. All you have to do is take the heating element out.

Pure Enrichment Pure Relief King Size Heating Pad

Another king size heating pad that I think you will like is the one from Pure Enrichment. Just like the previous product, it measures 12 by 24 inches, which makes it perfect for sore muscles, shoulders, neck, leg, arms, menstrual cramps, and whatever pain you may have on your body.

This heating pad is made of think micro plush that makes it incredibly comfortable. You will barely feel it on your naked skin. It heats up in just a few seconds, and it will relieve the pain as fast as possible. It is safe to use for both dry and moist heat therapy. Once it gets dirty, you can remove the heating element and throw the fabric in the washing machine. It will maintain its softness for years as long as you follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Just like the previous product, the Pure Enrichment heating pad also comes with a temperature controller. You can choose one of the 6 available temperature settings. To prevent burns, this device gives you the possibility of activating a 2-hour timer, but you can also choose to leave it on. The package includes a durable carrying case for safe storage and easy transportation.

Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy

The last product on my list of high-quality heating pads is the one from Geniani. It will take the pain away in just a couple of minutes, and since it heats up very fast, you do not have to wait long. All you have to do is plug it in and apply it to the painful area. The micro plush fibers are comfortable to the touch, and its flexibility allows you to target multiple parts of your body, even your neck and shoulders.

Unlike the previous two models, this one does not have 6 temperature options, but it does come with three levels (low, medium, and high.) Just select the one that your doctor recommended or the one that makes you most comfortable. It has the same 12 by 24 inches size like the former two heating pads.

To enjoy moist heat therapy, all you have to do is spray some water on the pad’s surface. Then apply the pad to the area that hurts. If you want to enjoy the effect for longer, you need to repeat the spraying action because the water will dry out. Once it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine.

My recommendation

I believe that all three products have the potential of relieving your pain, but if I had to choose one, I would go with the Pure Enrichment Pure Relief King Size Heating Pad. It has all the right features. It can be used for both dry and moist heat therapy, it has the temperature controller and the auto-shutoff option. I think it is one of the best heating pads you can find within this price range.


If you suffer from muscle soreness or any other kind of pain, do not throw yourself at medication head-first. It is worth to find some alternative solutions, especially since heating pads are so cheap. Plus, you cannot become addicted to heat therapy, unless you find the comfort addictive. Even so, it can do no harm. conclusion. Click here to buy on Amazon

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